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Jai, Services Specialist

Posted: December 05th, 2021 Posted In: Employee Spotlight

For this month’s Employee Spotlight, we are introducing you to Jai, a Services Specialist for Client Services!

What is your education and background?

I went to school for graphic design, web design, and web development. I didn’t use my education for my career until I came to work at Angus Systems. I didn’t enjoy selling my art for a living, so I pursued other means of employment from construction work to working as a chef. After working as a product trainer at another company providing support for that product, I started in the Support team here at Angus Systems and my web design and development skills have been put to good use also.

What is your role at Angus Systems and what are your main responsibilities?

I build the Property Websites, Tenant Handbooks, Service Portals, Surveys, Contactless Entry and Visitor Badge Processing and all of the Tenant and Employee Notification Templates utilized by Angus Anywhere clients.

I am responsible for deploying all of the previously listed resources onto the production server and ensuring that what is on the live servers is backed up. I work with Paul and Lewis in the Web Development team to communicate on the client facing support side, and deal with the aesthetic components and basically all Content Management.

How have your responsibilities expanded since you started working with the company?

I started at Angus Systems over 13 years ago in the Support Team and then joined the Implementation Team which is now the CSM Group. I was in a dual role as both an Implementation Manager and a Services Specialist, but this eventually lead to the singular role I am in today as a Services Specialist. This role entails the Content Management of all of our Client and Tenant Facing Modules managed by me.

Over the years on various proactive projects I have had the opportunity to manage Summer Students and Contract Workers to help us achieve large projects to ensure our product is up to industry standards.

What do you like most about working at Angus Systems?

The people. It’s the people and the environment that keep me smiling. The location is great. The people here are like family, and they make work feel less like work. It’s hard to find a company that allows me to be myself, so the fact that I’ve found Angus Systems is great!

The people. It’s the people and the environment that keep me smiling.

What are some of the things you’ve learned while working here?

I’ve learned the intricacies including ups and downs of software development, as well as the competition that exists within the scope of the software that we provide. I now know what it’s like to start in Support and work my way to a more specialized role by putting my specific skill set to use.

For the most part I’m constantly learning. Every day I continue to gain more tips and tricks. I’ve also picked up more understanding about the coding languages we use. I’m learning how to teach people. It’s a continually evolving constant state of gaining and transferring knowledge.

Is there some contribution that you’re proud of?

I don’t think the Property Websites would be what they are without myself and Paul. It’s a contribution that I’m most proud of. I put a lot of work and effort into the product, and it’s a contribution that’s least affected by other resources. There are design aspects that others provide, but for the most part it’s my responsibility to interpret and understand what’s required to make them look good.

Is there something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m really good at ping pong!

If you weren’t working at Angus Systems, what would you be doing?

Ideally, photography. I used to take photos a lot when I was in high school with 35 mm film on a Pentax K1000. I used a dark room to process photos. Now it’s all digital of course, and lately I have been really enjoying finding a creative outlet that is something different than what I do with the web design. That has inspired me in the last two years and makes me happy.

What are some of your personal hobbies and interests?

I like to bike and do yoga. I get together with my friends, who have a big sound system culture. I usually help them set up and tear down the system for events that they go to, and I enjoy being a part of the community that helps make it possible. I also like camping, canoeing, hiking, and playing with my three cats. I have a huge passion for travelling, and I travel at least three times a year.

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