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Mirra. The new standard in convenient credentialing & access.

Posted: November 03rd, 2021 Posted In: Product News

Managing access cards is more than the occasional keycard activation. Countless hours are spent issuing and updating credentials and sending manual notifications to ensure that both the tenant and landlord’s access control systems are up to date. Errors and oversight can compromise access and put the security of assets and the safety of building occupants at risk.

And, for tenants, carrying multiple cards to access the parking garage, amenities, elevator, and suite is cumbersome.

Mirra extends your tenants’ access control system to you through instantaneous synchronization. Through seamless data integration between tenant and landlord access control systems, Mirra streamlines workflow and simplifies credential management. Our solution eliminates the manually intensive, time consuming and error-prone administrative tasks associated with credential management to ensure greater efficiency and cost savings while reducing the security risk. And Mirra makes it easy to navigate the property using a single credential.

With Mirra, managing credentials and employee access have never been more convenient.

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