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Tenant Set-up: Organizing your Tenants in Angus AnyWhere

Posted: September 09th, 2021 Posted In: Tips & Tricks

In this month’s Tips & Tricks feature, we explore the ways to organize your Tenants in Angus AnyWhere. You will learn how to add a Tenant, configure Tenant Spaces, and make use of Tenant Groups.

Let’s get started…

A Tenant is the company that occupies a specific location in a building, such as a Suite. Each Tenant that is able to use Angus AnyWhere through the Service Portal must be added to Angus AnyWhere.  Under each Tenant, Contacts must be added, and permissions assigned, so tenant contacts can submit work order requests for one or more properties or spaces. 

Adding a new tenant

Follow these easy steps:  Click Setup from the main menu, and select Tenants.

Click New Tenant and input general information.

Click Create Tenant at the bottom of the screen.

Tenant Spaces

Tenant Spaces is an optional feature that allows users to associate floors and suites with particular tenants. Associating tenants with specific floors and suites restricts the tenant to requesting services for those areas, as well as all common areas. This arrangement is particularly useful for large properties with many locations and multiple tenants. If you do not configure your tenant spaces with these restrictions, all tenant contacts will be able to request services in all areas.
If a tenant needs to be able to request services in all areas of a building, we do not recommend configuring spaces for the tenant.

For a detailed overview of configuring Tenant Spaces, please visit our Online Help. To access Online Help follow these steps:

Click on the encircled question mark at the top right corner of Angus AnyWhere.

Click on Setting up Angus AnyWhere to open up the dropdown menu, then click on Tenants, and select Configuring Tenant Spaces, to learn how to associate Floors and Suites with particular Tenants.

Tenant Groups

It is possible to have a Contact located at one property submit work order requests for a Tenant at another property. To do this, an Employee with the ability to create a Tenant Profile must ensure a Tenant is created at both properties, so contacts can be grouped between those two (or more) properties.

In situations where a Tenant resides in multiple properties, it is possible to create a Tenant Group, which provides the following additional features:

• Tenant Contacts can submit Tenant Requests for any property in which they have office space, instead of only for the property in which the Tenant Contacts resides.
• Billable services will be charged to the property where the work is done, instead of billing the property from which the request originated.

To set up a Tenant Group, you will need to contact Angus Systems Support by email or by phone (1-888-274-1696).

Have questions or need some help with Angus AnyWhere? Our Support team is ready to assist and can be reached at or 1.888.274.1696.

We encourage you to check out our Newsroom’s Tips and Tricks articles filled with ‘pro tips’ that are helpful while getting acquainted and reacquainted with features of the system.

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