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Introducing a new CRE re-entry amenity

Posted: June 17th, 2021 Posted In: Product News

As tenants begin their return to the workplace, there remains uneasiness around re-entry and the safety of office working. To ensure tenant confidence, landlords must facilitate a safe return and meet elevated expectations around health and wellness. The most effective way to do that is by providing amenities that help to ensure a healthy and safe building.

We’re delighted to introduce Entry, a new CRE re-entry amenity (available at no cost!) designed to help landlords and tenants return to the workplace safely. Entry is a secure touchless app for entrances, lobbies, and spaces. From frictionless access to managing capacity to pre-arrival health assessments, Entry helps landlords and tenants return to the workplace feeling safe, comfortable, and confident.

Differentiate yourself as a landlord and welcome tenants back with an amenity that gives them confidence for a safe return to work. Head over here to request a demo and to learn more.

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