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Jackelyn, Customer Success Manager

Posted: May 14th, 2020 Posted In: Employee Spotlight

Each month we shine a spotlight on a member of our team. Today we introduce you to Jackelyn, a Customer Success Manager and nature lover!

What is your education and background?

Actually, graphic design! When I was in school for my graphic design diploma, I started working part-time in the evenings in a medical laboratory. At the time they had many different projects, and there were a lot of exciting ones in the IT industry that had to do with lab. They were developing software to route and track specimens. I got involved while being a subject matter expert in the lab working with the development team on software, and that’s how I ended up in software. I developed a passion for working with automating processes and helping the end user use those new processes.

Then, I started working in the recruiting industry, but for an HR software company that catered to recruiters and also helped to manage work flow. The work flow background has really helped me with the work flow that our software does even though it’s in a different industry.

From there, I went to a software provider for the investment and property management industry, and I worked there for 6 years. When I joined Angus Systems I got a chance to grow further in the work order and operations management software industry.

What is your role at Angus Systems and what are your main responsibilities?

I work closely with the Support team to ensure that our clients are always able to speak with someone when they need our help. My main responsibilities are getting new clients set up, understanding the foundation of the attributes that run their business, and getting them up and running live with Angus AnyWhere. We also help clients transfer smoothly from one system to another when they add to their portfolio. This means I have to work with the Data team a lot to get that done, and there are data conversions that I work on as well. Another duty I have is helping clients to maximize and translate their processes to our system to make sure they’re fully utilizing the product.

How have your responsibilities expanded since you started working with the company?

Some of my responsibilities include a lot of technical writing because I’m a certified technical writer. Currently, I’m writing and updating a lot of internal documentation on our policies for the Implementation and Support teams.

What do you like most about working at Angus Systems?

We’re really service-oriented. We get great feedback from clients about our live webinar trainings. I love helping new clients get on track with the system. You’re watching them learn as they’re being trained. The product is very well designed and user-friendly.

What are some of the things you’ve learned while working here?

I’ve learned a lot on how to deliver training. I’ve also gained knowledge while composing the internal documentation, because even with my background in technical writing, it has really filled in gaps for me since we had to document our entire process. Through documentation, I’ve learned a great deal about the industry and what it takes to be certified. I’ve also acquired more soft skills in this position as well.

Is there something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I think they would be surprised that I used to work in lab automation and robotics. I once attended a world conference for labs. I was one of four people chosen to fly down to Minneapolis to represent the company to receive the most prestigious award given at that conference. This happened to be the first time a Canadian company received that award.

If you weren’t working at Angus Systems, what would you be doing?

Definitely painting. I do a lot of that right now, mainly watercolour. I paint a whole variety – portraits, animals, statues, and flowers.

What are some of your personal hobbies and interests?

I enjoy graphic design, painting, and reading science fiction books. I also love nature, and going hiking with my dog.

I learned how to track (read animal prints on the ground) from a world-renowned tracker in New Jersey. I also learned how to make fire by friction and how to get water out in the wilderness.

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