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Making Magic Happen with our Holiday Fundraising

Posted: January 08th, 2020 Posted In: Company News

The holiday season is a special time for our team as we come together and turn our attention to supporting the less fortunate with our Holiday Match Giving Fundraising Drive. This year, we’re thrilled to share that our team raised a record $52,000. Every dollar donated will support the American Cancer Society and will fund classroom technology programs at two local Toronto schools, Pelmo Park Public School and Grey Owl Junior Public School.

Both schools are part of the Toronto District School Board’s Model Schools for Inner Cities program, which seeks to increase access for students attending the city’s neediest schools. The program provides initiatives that support students with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to participate fully and equally in school and their communities.

Pelmo Park, which was recently featured on CBC Toronto, is a Kindergarten to Grade 5 school where 98 per cent of students are bussed in from the at-risk neighborhood, Weston. More than 20 languages are spoken at the school, and English is a second language for many students. Similarly, Grey Owl Junior PS is located in the Scarborough community of Malvern, where many new Canadians make their home. Poverty is a reality for many of the children attending this school, whose families are living below the poverty line.

Our donations will help the schools purchase Ozobots, Dash and Dots, Chromebooks, and other equipment that will help introduce students to coding and grow the schools’ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs. The funds provide significant additional resources for both schools, which are severely underfunded. For instance, at Grey Owl, the school’s entire technology budget for 2019 was just $5,000.

“Having first-hand experience with the wonderful staff and students at Pelmo Park Public School, I know that these funds are much needed and will be put to great use,” says Ryan, CFO & COO. “I’m very excited to help in providing these students with exposure to technology and ideas that they may not have received otherwise.”

“I am fortunate enough to have been part of our Holiday Fundraising Drive for over a decade, and seeing the benefit and appreciation our donations provide is what drives me to help each year,” says Jai, Services Specialist. “From improving education and learning in our public schools to helping people in need, all of this matters to me, and our annual accomplishments show that others at Angus feel the same way.”

 “With our Holiday Fundraising Drive, I am happy to give generously, knowing that all of the money we raise goes toward helping students in need – rather than administrative expenses or executive salaries with certain organizations,” says Karen, Director, QA & IT Operations. “Thanks to our organizers for putting on another successful drive this year!”

We are extremely excited to be supporting the students at these two schools, and are looking forward to seeing their coding skills in action!

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