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Thank You To Our Summer Interns!

Posted: August 29th, 2019 Posted In: Company News

As August winds down and summer winds up, it’s time to say thank you and farewell to our summer interns. This summer six interns worked in our Toronto office in our QA, Development, Design, and Sales & Marketing departments. The group worked closely with their colleagues, attended department meetings, contributed to numerous projects, conducted research, and helped to implement new systems. They also took part in our regular events such as our weekly Wednesday noon hour soccer games and our yearly golf outing!

Ashley, Carter, Lucio, Meghan, Mary, Peter: Thank you for your contributions this summer. We appreciate all your hard work and enthusiasm and we wish you much success in the coming academic school year!

A few of our summer 2019 interns to reflect on their experience at Angus Systems.


Department: Product Development

What projects did you work on this summer? Property Websites

What did you enjoy the most about this internship? I enjoyed having the ability to gain meaningful mentorships from my team. Their willingness to share their skills, knowledge, and expertise combined with their eagerness to help me has truly made me a better developer. I feel confident that my new acquired skills will help me in my last year of schooling and in my future career. I am forever grateful for everything that they have done for me and for the examples that they continue to set for me.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory is of releasing my finished version of my first property website.

What’s next for you? Finishing off my last year of Engineering at Western.


Department: Marketing & Sales

What projects did you work on? Over the course of my time here at Angus Systems I have helped on several different projects helping out with both marketing and sales. However, the primary tasks I have worked on are competitive research, reviewing client profiles for documentation, and sales reports.

What did you enjoy the most about this internship? The thing I enjoyed most is the overall atmosphere at the office. Everyone here is so friendly and always willing to lend to helping hand. It is so easy to talk to anyone here at the office, everyone here is great and it makes for a really enjoyable work environment.

Favorite Memory: Visiting Grenoble Public School, seeing the smiles on all the kids was something I’ll remember forever.

What’s next for you? Attending the University of Central Florida for the DeVos Sport Business Management Program.


Department: Development/QA/Web development/Design

What projects did you work on? In QA, I worked on testing automation scripts for Angus AnyWhere. In Web Development, I learned new programming languages, such as HMTL, CSS and JavaScript. I also updated tenant handbooks. Finally, in Design, I learned about the prototyping tool Justinmind and used it to prototype building directories for the Web Development team.

What did you enjoy the most about this internship? I enjoyed learning about the business flows that go into making software like Angus AnyWhere.

Favorite Memory: Getting to know some of the other summer students over the last three months.

What’s next for you? Going back to Queen’s University for my second year of university.


Department: QA & Mobile Development

What projects did you work on? In my first month and a bit, I worked closely with the QA team, as well as two of the other summer interns Megan and Mary on automating tests for many of the features and modules of the software. This included the web application as well as the mobile application. The main goal we had was to create consistency in the test cases, so that they would all use common values (such as the same building or employee) so that any future test cases that would be created would also have the same consistency. After the first project, I chose to join the mobile development team. I started off with very weak mobile development skills, but over the course of the second month, I learned to be very familiar with the various strategies and approaches to creating a mobile application. With this knowledge, I created a sample mobile application that was able to simulate a few features that the current mobile application has. I was able to apply new practices in the industry, as well as newly developed tools in creating this application.

What did you enjoy the most about this internship? What I enjoyed the most was working with the other employees at the company. Everyone I’ve worked with was very approachable, as well as helpful and friendly. I was initially a little nervous because this is my first work experience, but the people I’ve consulted in the QA team as well as the mobile team has helped me learn a great deal as well as giving me guidance in improving my skills.

Favorite Memory: My favourite memory working here was certainly becoming more comfortable with the other employees here, especially Adam. He has shown me great hospitality and would go out of his way to include me. A few times at the end of the day, Adam and I as well as a few other employees would gather in the newly built stand-up room and play games on the big television.

What’s next for you? I will be going into my fourth year of studies starting this fall. I am very close to finishing my degree so I hope to go back and push through a few more semesters of school once and for all. I hope I will be able to graduate next year. I hope to use the confidence I gained working here to tackle the many assignments as well as the course work that I will be given. I also hope I could come back to work at Angus Systems again in the future, I enjoyed working here very much.

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