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Preventive Maintenance: Best Practices & Usage Tips

Posted: August 13th, 2019 Posted In: Tips & Tricks

In this installment of Angus AnyWhere Tips & Tricks we highlight best practices for setting up your Preventive Maintenance (PM) module. If you’re currently utilizing our PM module (or considering use), be sure to read on.

When Setting Up The Equipment List:

  • Equipment Name: Start by entering the type of equipment (e.g.: AHU) and then the actual equipment name/ number. For example: AHU# 1 or Air Handling Unit #1. This will helps your engineers differentiate between equipment. Equipment can be sorted alphabetically for facilitated grouping.
  • Setup your equipment in categories (high priority equipment lists first such as AHU, Chillers, Supply Fans…)
  • Review the equipment classes
  • Make/Model/Asset Tag, Serial# and Warranty Expiry can be omitted on initial setup as you can always come back and add this data at a later date.
  • Location: Floor is mandatory, but suite is optional: best practice is to include the exact location of the equipment
  • Detail: Additional information such as parts info/date install and decommission date
  • Copy Equipment: Ease during configuration when setting up multiple pieces of equipment of same or similar equipment type
  • Attachments: Manufacturer’s documents, manual, warranties, POs, pictures of equipment, floor plan for equipment that is hidden or hard to find etc.

When Setting Up Tasks:

  • Tasks are created for equipment categories (AHU Monthly, AHU quarterly, and AHU Annual) rather than the specific unit (AHU# 1 monthly).
  • Naming convention of the task: Equipment type followed by frequency and nature of the work (example: AHU Annual Maintenance)
  • Instructions to include:
    • Lock/Tag out
    • Reference Fire or Electrical Codes
    • Notes of Personal Protective equipment (PPE)
    • List of tools required (wrenches, screwdrivers,…)
    • Any general instructions for engineers before starting work
  • Task Lines: Follow Corporate Standard or manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Corporate tasks are assigned to all properties across the portfolio and managed by the Corp Administrator, cannot be modified at property level
  • BEST PRACTICE PRO TIP: Create a task library in a PM Standards Property, which you can then copy task library over to a new property in your portfolio, or quicker set up.

When Setting Up Schedule:

  • Multi-task schedules help to minimize the amount of work orders assigned to an employee/pool.
  • Group schedule dispatch dates for similar equipment to best match your operators’ routines.

Employees’ Profiles:

  • Review your profile:
    • Email address: verify the email address on file is correct
    • Scoped Properties
    • Ensure the PM Module enabled
    • Availability and devices: Make sure you have a device selected
    • Subscriptions
      • Chief Engineers/Supervisors to subscribe to the following:
        • Missing Values
        • Call Attention (Notify Supervisor)

Ongoing PM Maintenance:

  • Have staff check for auto-cancelled items on a regular basis, i.e. every Friday during quiet hours, can backfill in web app
  • Chief Engineers and Supervisors should proactively check:
    1. The Scheduled PM Work Orders and assign work orders that are either unassigned or assigned to the incorrect employees.
    2. Issued PM Work Orders
  • Analytics can be used to easily identify auto cancelled numbers and can drill down at operator/engineer scheduled to perform the work
  • Dashboards provide a snapshot of your operational performance for maintenance tracking.

Our Tips & Tricks articles have been collected by our team, who handles frequently asked questions on a regular basis. More Tips & Tricks articles can be found on the Angus Systems Newsroom.

If you have any questions about this or any other Angus AnyWhere features, please drop our Support Team an email at or reach out at 1-888-274-1696.

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