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Tips for Setting up Common Areas

Posted: May 21st, 2019 Posted In: Tips & Tricks

Common Areas are building locations that are usable by all Tenants without any special restrictions including lobbies, stairwells, and washrooms. Setting up Common Spaces in Angus AnyWhere is an important step in setting up your property the right way.

How to Set up Common Areas

When you set up the structure of your property in Angus AnyWhere, there are four phases:

1. First, we set up the property for you in Angus AnyWhere.

2. Then you set up the building in Angus AnyWhere.

In the Setup tab, select Properties & Buildings in the General menu.

Properties & Buildings Option in General Menu in Angus AnyWhere

Click on the property you would like to add information to.

Click on property to add information in Angus AnyWhere

In the Building Details section of the page, select Edit.

Select Edit in Building Details section in Angus AnyWhere

When editing Building Details, you can flag a building as a “Common Building”. If you do this, all your Tenant Contacts will have access to all locations within this building. This is not the case for most properties as it’s rare that one Tenant has access to the whole building.

The “Common Building” setting is mostly used for spaces like parking garages that you would want any Tenant to be able to submit work order requests for.

Using the Common Building setting in Angus AnyWhere

3. Next, you set up Floors and Suites. If you assign a Floor as “common”, all Suites within that Floor will be “common”.

In the Setup tab, select Floors & Suites in the General menu.

Floors & Suites Option in General Menu in Angus AnyWhere

Select the property and building you would like to add information to from the Property and Building drop down menus.

Click the Common Area check box located beside each Floor to flag it as common if it is a location that can be accessed by all Tenants. It is important to note that a tenant cannot reside within a Common Area.

Click the Common Area check box located beside each Floor in Angus AnyWhere
Floors that are Common Areas in Angus AnyWhere

Pro Tip: If you would like to add a new Floor after you’ve had your floors set up for a while, it’s important that you create a new record and never rename an old floor. This is because all the historical data will be saved under the name of the old floor and will look like it’s part of the wrong space. You always want to keep your data separate, so we do not advise that you overwrite your old floors. Any historical information associated with a floor cannot be deleted.

4. Lastly, on each floor there are rooms to set up including washrooms and elevator lobbies (spaces used by various tenants and visitors).

Show in TR needs to be checked to be able to select as Common Area in Angus AnyWhere

You need to check the check box in the “Show in TR” column to be able to select the “Common Area” check box.

Once Floors have been set up, you can click on the Location/Suites link found beside the individual floor. This is where you can add specific locations on your floor (i.e. individual Suites, restrooms, elevator lobby, conference room, etc.) and you’ll want to check off any spaces that are accessible by all Tenants as a “Common Area” such as restrooms or conference rooms.

Pro Tip: To make your set up more efficient, you can check off “Copy to All Floors” for a restroom if you know there’s going to be a restroom that will be a Common Area on most floors. In any space that you don’t need a restroom i.e. roof, you’ll just have to go into those individual Floors and deactivate the “restroom” Floor.

Flagging a Location as Common

When you flag a location as “common”, it impacts the following:

  • All tenant contacts within that building will have the ability to make a request for these common spaces.
  • Requests made for areas flagged as “common” are non-billable by default. This applies even when that Common Area is normally billable. Please check with your Angus Corporate Administrator to find out your policies on using this functionality.

Our Tips & Tricks articles have been collected by our Client Services team, who handles frequently asked questions on a regular basis. More Tips & Tricks articles can be found on the Angus Systems Newsroom.

If you have any questions about this or any other Angus AnyWhere features, please contact our support team by emailing or by phone 1-888-274-1696.

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