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Défi Corporatif Canderel

Posted: April 05th, 2019 Posted In: Community Involvement

As we continue to shed the spotlight on some of the great charitable efforts we support through our Community Partnership Series, this month we feature Défi Corporatif Canderel, an annual corporate charity run that began 30 years ago benefitting cancer research. Défi Corporatif Canderel has been dedicated to furthering cancer research by partnering with two major healthcare institutions, the Rosalind & Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre and the Montreal Cancer Institute, in Montreal, Canada. The recipient healthcare centers have collaborated with each other and with other Canadian research centers in effort to understand how cancer grows and spreads and the challenges around effective treatment.

After Susan Wener was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1989, her husband, Johnathan Wener (Canderel’s Chairman), wanted to do everything in his power to help. This sparked the birth of Défi Corporatif Canderel, which challenges the business community to unite and raise funds for research. To date, over $15 million has been raised.

Angus Systems has been a proud supporter of the annual run since 2010, which has always taken place in May on the scenic McGill University campus in Montreal. This year on May 9th, participants from over 75 corporate teams will come together to run for a cause that affects so many. Our involvement with Défi Corporatif Canderel has served as a way to support one of our longstanding Canadian clients, Canderel, while simultaneously contributing to a major cancer research effort.

To learn more about Défi Corporatif Canderel please visit their website.

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