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Setting up Floors & Suites

Posted: November 07th, 2018 Posted In: Tips & Tricks

Setting up Floors & Suites is essential to representing the physical structure of your property in Angus AnyWhere. Read on to learn how to adequately leverage Floors & Suites in your system.

Setting up Floors & Suites

Before setting up Floors & Suites there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Each floor in a building or property to be serviced by Angus AnyWhere must be added to the system.
  • In addition, each suite or location including the lobby, washrooms, and custodial closet on each floor must be added.
  • It’s also important to ensure that suites are numbered appropriately and that suites are not named based on the Tenant occupying that specific location. This will make for a smooth transition when a new Tenant takes occupancy of the space.

Pro Tip: It’s best to add Floors numerically as 001 or 01 depending on how many Floors the building has instead of writing “1st”, “2nd”, “3rd” or “first”, “second”, third”. This is to ensure the floors will display in proper sequence.

Angus AnyWhere Numerically Adding Floors and Suites

Adding Floors & Suites to a building

When adding Floors & Suites to a building, you can toggle between “Add one” (to add one floor) and “Add many” (to add up to 10 floors at a time).

Angus AnyWhere Floors and Suites Adding One Floor
Angus AnyWhere Floors and Suites Adding Many Floors

For more step-by-step instruction on setting up Floors & Suites, please visit our Online Help by taking the following actions:

  1. Click on the encircled question mark icon at the top right corner of Angus AnyWhere.
    Angus AnyWhere Online Help
  2. Click on Setting up Angus AnyWhere to open up the drop-down menu, then click on Floors & Suites to open up another drop-down menu.
  3. Click on Floors & Suites to learn how to set up information pertaining to Floors, Suites, and Common areas.

Setting Floors & Suites as Active or Inactive

If a floor is temporarily not being occupied by Tenants, it may be helpful to deactivate it in Angus AnyWhere. Floors & Suites can toggle between being active or inactive. To access this feature, navigate to the Floors & Suites section of Angus AnyWhere, located in the General drop down menu on the left pane when you’re in Setup.

Setting Up Floors and Suites in Angus AnyWhere

Then click on Location/Suites found in the Configure column that corresponds with the Floor or Suite that you would like to make active or inactive.

Angus AnyWhere Floors and Suites Active and Inactive Locations

You will see a column labelled Active. For each Floor or Suite you can check or uncheck the box in that column to make the space active or inactive.

Angus AnyWhere Active Floors and Suites

For more information on adding Floors & Suites, please visit the Angus AnyWhere online help.

If you have any questions about this or any other Angus AnyWhere features, please contact our support team by email or by phone 1-888-274-1696.

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