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Quick Guide to File Attachment Sizes

Posted: May 08th, 2018 Posted In: Tips & Tricks

Today’s Tips & Tricks article is a quick reference guide to the maximum file size for your uploads on Angus AnyWhere.

Did you know that Angus AnyWhere can handle attachments? This means you can place important reference documents right into the system for easy access by all users who need to have certain documents / files readily available to them. We have provided this handy list of file sizes so you’ll be able to check the size of file you’re planning on uploading beforehand.

* When uploading multiple attachments during initial creation of the tenant request, there is also a maximum total limit of 10 MB (combined size of all files being uploaded)

** Documents that are outdated or no longer required can be archived. Although archived files do not count towards your storage limit, they are not accessible by tenants or employees.

Pro Tip:

1000 KB = 1 MB
1000 MB = 1 GB

“MB” stands for megabytes
“KB” stands for kilobytes
“GB” stands for gigabytes

If you have any questions about uploading attachments, please do not hesitate to contact Support.

More Tips and Tricks articles can be found on the Angus Systems Newsroom. These brief articles contain helpful ‘Pro Tips’ of information that are useful while getting acquainted and reacquainted with features of the system. These have been collected by our Client Services team who handles frequently asked questions on a regular basis.

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