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Angus AnyWhere Training & Learning Resources

Posted: March 06th, 2018 Posted In: Tips & Tricks

In this article, we aim to create awareness of the different types of training and learning resources we offer. These resources are designed to help our customers learn how to use Angus AnyWhere, from the basics to the advanced. By ensuring that you can make full use of Angus AnyWhere quickly, easily and confidently, we help you achieve increased productivity and efficiency.

Let’s have a look at the available resources.

Angus AnyWhere Training

Our training program is designed to meet the varying needs of your organization’s user base – from novice to expert. Our programs ensure your employees take full advantage of the features Angus AnyWhere has to offer.

Live Web Based Training

Live web-based, instructor-led training covers all the major aspects of the Angus AnyWhere platform. Class sizes are limited in order to ensure a high quality training experience and these sessions are a great option for clients who want the complete learning experience in a scheduled continuous session that includes a Q&A period at the end. Best of all, classes are unlimited and included with your monthly service fees!

For a detailed overview of the available trainings please refer to the Angus Systems Training Catalog.

  1. Log into Angus AnyWhere
  2. Click the Training tab
  3. Under the “Live Webinars” option click “Register for Webinars”. This will show you the catalog, which includes the training session name, description, and duration.

On Demand Video Tutorials

Our tutorials are a good option for clients who prefer self-paced training and don’t want to wait for a scheduled live session. The pause, rewind, and fast forward controls are ideal for those who are looking for refresher training on a specific topic, or for those who want to practice in a test environment while learning. These pre-recorded, non-interactive sessions are created by our expert trainers and cover every part of the system.

For a list of the on-demand videos, including descriptions and duration, access the Trainings tab in Angus AnyWhere and click on Videos on Demand.

Note, for anyone trying to acquaint their office colleague to the system, perhaps to fill in during vacation, we recommend either live web-based training or on demand videos.

Custom Training

Custom training provides a program tailored to your specific needs and is preferred by clients who have specific requirements not met by out of the box training. These highly interactive sessions are scheduled specifically for your organization when and where you like. Training is customized to match your specific requirements and incorporates your organization’s best practices. Fees apply to this service, please contact your Angus Systems account manager for a quote.

Online (Contextual) Help

Contextual help provides information on topics immediately relevant to the screen you are working in. It’s beneficial because you can easily access detailed information on topics related to the webpage you’re currently viewing. You’ll also be able to access relatable PDF and video resources.

Access Contextual Help by clicking on the question mark icon located at the top right hand corner of the screen you are on.

The side panel that opens up within the window will display an overview of the page you’re currently viewing with indications of the functions and features available on that screen.

Pro Tip: Check out this post for additional contextual help tips!

User Manuals & PDF Resources

To access user manuals and guides for general setup and specific modules:

  1. Log in to Angus AnyWhere
  2. Navigate to the “Training” section
  3. Click on “Support and PDF Resources”. These provide step-by-step instructions for many key functions with screenshots for easy learning.

Release Notes

Release Notes provide brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements, new features, and bug fixes. They are issued once an update is available and provide a detailed overview of the enhancements within the release. To view current and past release notes, users can log in to Angus AnyWhere and navigate to Online Help>PDF Files.

Product Announcements & Service Alerts

We communicate via email to our clients when we release updates to the software. Some of these product announcements can also be found on our Newsroom. Clients can subscribe to our Announcement and Service Alerts distribution lists. These communications alert users of new releases, changes to features, functionality or service that may impact their use of Angus AnyWhere.

Product Announcements include release reminders, patch announcements, features, retirement notifications and more. If you are not subscribed to Angus AnyWhere Announcements, you will not receive these messages.

Service Alerts inform users of changes to service or disruptions that may impact their use of Angus AnyWhere. If you are not subscribed to Service Alerts, you will not receive these messages.

To subscribe to Product Announcements and / or Service Alerts:

  1. Click on your name in Angus AnyWhere located next to the help button.
  2. Choose My Profile then click on Subscriptions section. If subscriptions are disabled, you will need to click Enable Subscriptions, then click in the checkboxes besides Services Alerts and / or Announcements.

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Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks articles can be found on the Angus Systems Newsroom. These brief articles contain helpful ‘Pro Tips’ of information that are useful while getting acquainted and reacquainted with features of the system. These have been collected by our Client Services team who handles frequently asked questions on a regular basis.

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