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Posted: December 06th, 2016 Posted In: Product News

When enabled for your company, the Impairments feature introduces new workflow functionality to the Preventive Maintenance module that allows you to closely track and manage planned and unplanned maintenance that involves temporarily disengaging critical building systems (or impairing them from normal operating conditions).

Using Impairments

Impairments are generally associated with Preventive Maintenance tasks that impact “life safety systems”, such as needing to perform maintenance on a fire suppression/alarm system. For safety reasons, tasks of this nature are generally time-restricted, and warnings need to be issued to building staff if these tasks take longer than expected so appropriate arrangements can be made to accommodate the situation.

Impairments can also be used to closely track tasks that may impact the ability of your tenants to conduct business or disrupt building operations in a less critical (but nonetheless important) way, such as maintenance affecting critical components of the HVAC system (such as Chillers), or fire drills.

  • Impairment types are set up by your Corporate Administrator on the Impairment Type list.
  • After Impairment types have been created, they can be associated with specific tasks on your Task Library List by users that have access to edit tasks.

Let’s go over two examples that help illustrate what would require the use of the Impairment workflow:

You discover a leaky water pipe that supplies the sprinklers. The situation needs to be tracked and addressed immediately, as the sprinkler system is already compromised. For this type of situation, you would create an On-Demand work order that involves an impairment, as the function of one or more systems would be impacted until the repairs are completed. Additionally, during this time certain procedures must be followed such as contacting the Insurance company, local Fire Department, Risk Management Operator and/or Property Management and set forth the planned action of this impairment for repair.

Suppose that monthly Fire Panel Testing is required for your building. This would be handled by scheduled maintenance that includes an impairment, as the normal function of the alarm systems would be impaired during testing. Prior to testing, you may also need to inform other third parties, such as your local Fire Department, and then inform them once testing is completed.

Get Started with Impairments

Now that you have a basic understanding of the purpose of tracking impairments within Preventive Maintenance, let’s take a look at how it works. Check out our Impairments Overview Video posted on the Angus AnyWhere Welcome page. This video is designed to get you started and walks through:

  • How Impairments have been integrated into Preventive Maintenance
  • Setting Up Impairments
  • Using Impairments.

If you have any questions about Impairments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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