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Helping “Tiny Bundles”

Posted: August 31st, 2016 Posted In: Community Involvement

A big thank you shout out to our staff who donated to Moorelands’ Baby Bundles Program. Last week when Karen, Susan, Maria caught wind that Moorelands was in dire need of various supplies for their Baby Bundles program, they jumped at the chance to personally support the program by donating various much needed items.

Moorelands Baby Bundles program provides basic baby supplies and clothing to new mothers living in poverty in Toronto. The bundles are used to educate new mothers about caring for their infants. Being able to provide their baby with new items and clothes increases the self-esteem of new mothers in need and makes for happier, more confident moms. It is the only program of its kind in Toronto provided at no cost to recipients and each year Moorelands distributes up to 250 Baby Bundles. The organization works in partnership with public health nurses and social service agency workers to identify new mothers in-need and to deliver the Bundles. These partnerships ensure that connections are made with new mothers and that they and their babies receive follow-up support.

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