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Contextual Help, Made Easy!

Posted: July 26th, 2016 Posted In: Product News

Did you know our Online Help system now automatically displays help topics relevant to the screen you are currently viewing within Angus AnyWhere, allowing you to more easily continue your work while referencing the Help? Let’s have a look…

Contextual Help at a Glance

Clicking the Question Mark icon () on the top right hand of the screen will display help specific to the screen you are currently using, as demonstrated below.

The Pinning feature can be used to keep the contextual help frame (and currently displayed topic) open. The Pin button () can be used to keep the contextual help frame (and currently displayed topic) open. While pinned, you can click the Topic button to load a topic related to the screen you have navigated to.

The contextual help can be displayed in full screen by clicking the Expand Button () in the top right hand corner. Depending on how your web browser is configured, this will open either a new window or tab. The expanded version of the contextual help allows for users to search for a particular topic using a keyword or phrase.

You can change the width of the contextual help frame by clicking and dragging it as shown here:

If you are ever unsure of what information should be entered in a certain field, refer to the contextual help, which provides a walk-through of the screen you are on. This is just one example of how useful the help can be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s Tip. If you have any questions about the COI module, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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