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Browser Compatibility Update

Posted: January 22nd, 2016 Posted In: Product News

This update is to inform you in advance of upcoming changes to Angus AnyWhere Internet browsing compatibility.

What is Changing?

In the upcoming months all new Angus AnyWhere product development will only be certified for use with current versions of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and Microsoft Edge™
  • Google Chrome™
  • Mozilla Firefox®

If you are currently using IE 10 or below these changes will not immediately affect how you are accessing or using the system.  However, future releases will require one of these certified browser versions for optimum performance.

What Action Do I Need to Take?

No action is required now.  However, in preparation for future releases:

Angus AnyWhere users with an older IE browser version will be encouraged via the login page to upgrade to IE 11, Microsoft Edge™, or use a current version of Chrome™ or Firefox®.

Service Portal users with an older IE browser version will be encouraged via the home page to upgrade to IE 11, Microsoft Edge™, Chrome™, Firefox® or Safari®.

As always if you have any questions or comments, please call our Support Team.

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