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Angus AnyWhere 4.17.5 Released

Posted: August 31st, 2015 Posted In: Product News

Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of Angus AnyWhere 4.17.5. This latest release includes numerous enhancements to two modules; Angus AnyWhere Preventive Maintenance and Inspections.

Updates to the Preventive Maintenance module include:

  • Create and edit PM Employee Pools
  • Assign schedules and work orders to PM Pools
  • Manage forwarding rules for employees who are assigned to pools
  • Usability enhancements with newly integrated Tenant Request and PM Routing setup functions
  • Accept, reject, or assign/dispatch work orders directly from your iOS or Android™ device using the Angus AnyWhere Mobile app.

Login to learn more! Release Notes providing an overview of all the new PM and Inspections functionality, a brief overview video demonstrating the new Preventive Maintenance functionality, and updated Online Help are available on the Angus AnyWhere Welcome page. 

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