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Preventive Maintenance Multitask Schedules

Posted: July 03rd, 2015 Posted In: Tips & Tricks

In today’s Tips & Tricks column, we’ll be sharing tips on creating and maintaining multitask schedules.

In Q3 of 2014, we completed a general overhaul of the Preventive Maintenance (PM) module in Angus AnyWhere. One of the major improvements in this revamped interface involved significant enhancements for the creation of multitask schedules. If you were having difficulty with creating and maintaining multitask schedules using the previous version of PM, you’ll definitely want to give this feature a second look.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, a multitask schedule is a single schedule that generates work orders for a set of related tasks. All multitask schedules have a base task, which is the most frequently performed task (for example, a weekly meter reading). Additional tasks which are needed less frequently are added to the base task’s schedule (such as an annual gauge recalibration) and are included on the base task’s work orders at appropriate intervals that you define. This prevents multiple work orders from being generated when a single work order would have been sufficient.

Concentrating as many tasks as possible into multitask schedules reduces clutter in the equipment’s Task tab, reduces the overall number of work orders that need to be issued, and allows you to more easily find and update specific schedules as needed.

If you haven’t used multitask schedules before or haven’t used them recently, we recommend the following:

  1. Review your current set of schedules for each piece of equipment, and identify ones that are assigned to the same employee or vendor.
  2. Combine these schedules into a single multitask schedule by identifying the schedule with the shortest frequency (for example, a schedule with a task that is performed weekly) and then adding the other, less frequently performed tasks to this schedule.
  3. Deactivate the other single-task schedules which are now redundant.

For more information on setting up multitask schedules and other information concerning our updated PM module, please refer to our Online Help in Angus AnyWhere and look at the topics in the Preventive Maintenance section. To get started immediately on creating a multitask schedule from a single-task schedule, search for the topic Editing a Schedule; after opening this topic, click on Adding or Editing Subtasks (Multitask Schedules).

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