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Conducting Inspections Is No Longer a Hassle

Posted: June 14th, 2015 Posted In: Product News

As of today, the often cumbersome task of carrying out inspections just got much easier for Angus AnyWhere users. Our new Inspections module takes the hassle of out of the process – it eliminates paper, enhances visibility, and improves accountability, all while streamlining the deployment and completion of multipurpose inspections.

  • Easily configure inspections templates per property, market, or portfolio-wide
  • Create custom rating scales for each template with weighed values and optional task level pass/fail thresholds
  • Schedule recurring inspections at regular intervals or one-time for unique situations
  • Track scheduled, overdue, issued, and completed inspections
  • Report on past inspections, drill into the details, and measure your success
  • Conduct inspections using your Android™, iOS, or BlackBerry® 10 mobile device
    • Work offline when wireless connections are spotty or unavailable
    • Conduct a scheduled or on-demand inspection
    • Rate each inspection task and escalate if required
    • Record notes and photos when completing tasks; especially useful for items requiring correction
    • Generate corrective work orders for failed inspection tasks

Get Started With Inspections!

We’ve prepared a few resources to help you get started using inspections:

  • Recorded Video Tutorial: Watch this 10-minute overview video to learn the basics of configuring and using the Angus AnyWhere Inspections module. Access the video on the Angus AnyWhere Welcome Page.
  • Live Web-based, instructor led training: This 50 minute session covers how to navigate the Inspections interface and change user preferences including granting permissions. Participants are also instructed on how to configure inspections templates and schedules, as well as conduct, track, rate, report on and take action on inspection deficiencies. Check out the training catalog on the Welcome Page for a list of upcoming sessions.
  • Documentation: Visit the Online Help for more information on Angus AnyWhere Inspections.
  • Documentation: If you’re looking for more information or answers to your “how to” questions, don’t forget to visit the Online Help.

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